Field Operations

Tool launching

Transpipe has skilled operations managers who tirelessly work around the clock to guarantee seamless coordination between clients and our internal operations department, ensuring optimal efficiency. Our Field Operations Team, following ASNT/ANSI-ILIPQ guidelines, undergoes thorough training to conduct comprehensive checks prior to tool deployment. This meticulous approach ensures both tool safety and operational security before initiating or retracting the inspection process.

Tool Tracking & Receiving

Efficient tool tracking stands as a crucial on-site task, collaboratively managed alongside the Client Site team. The retrieval of The Geometry tool as well as MFL tool is executed in close coordination with the client's site team, strictly adhering to all essential Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) protocols.

Geometry Tool's Data Generates a range of on-site reports. These include prompt assessments of tool passage clearance, typically obtained within hours of data reception. This data offers vital insights like the minimum pipeline inner diameter and bend radius details, crucial for verifying the safe navigability of MFL and/or UT tools through the pipeline.

Our proprietary software, "Sceptor," has been created in-house by our team of skilled software engineers. All data analysis is performed by personnel who are certified at ANSI/ASNT-ILIPQ Level III and Level II, ensuring the utmost expertise and accuracy in the analysis process.