Geo X2 - High Resolution
Geometry Inspection

Whether it's a recently built pipeline or an existing operational one, transporting oil, gas, chemicals, or any fluid, it remains crucial for the operator to have a clear understanding of the pipeline's construction quality and overall condition. This knowledge is especially vital concerning various pipeline defects such as dents, gouges, ovality, as well as verifying pipe-book entries like taps and installations. Any geometry-based defects that may have arisen during the pipeline's lifespan also need thorough assessment.

To fulfill this need, geometry inspection or deformation inspection, facilitated by advanced geometry tools, comes into play. Operators can receive comprehensive reports promptly, either right after the pipeline's new construction or as part of regular operations. By utilizing these inspection techniques, operators gain valuable insights into the pipeline's integrity, allowing for timely and informed decision-making to ensure safe and efficient operations.

At Transpipe, we have pioneered the development of cutting-edge, high-resolution geometry inspection tools, including our state-of-the-art Series X2 - Geometry Inspection Tool. These tools are designed to cater to pipeline sizes ranging from 6" to 48" and strictly adhere to API 1163 and Industry Standards, ensuring reliability and compliance.

One of the standout features of our tools lies in their exceptional ability to detect even the smallest pipeline features with unparalleled accuracy. They can precisely identify and measure these features while operating within the pipeline itself. Our tools boast robust designs, allowing them to maneuver deftly, compress when necessary, and navigate through major bore restrictions with complete safety. This capability enhances the intelligence of our inspection process, enabling us to offer smarter and more comprehensive inspection solutions to our valued clients.

Unique Features of Series X2 Design

  • Our Geometry Inspection Tools boasts a robust Design incorporating high-quality components that meet international standards of inspections. Its multi-channel design ensures exceptional coverage, with a ratio of arms to the pipeline diameter being twice, effectively covering 100% of the pipeline's circumference.
  • Powered by the latest generation of electronics, the tool offers superior data interpretation, resulting in faster and more accurate results. Additionally, its battery life ranges from a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 10 days, depending on the pipeline size, ensuring uninterrupted and smooth inspections for longer sections of pipelines.
  • Our proprietry software, "Sceptor," offers unique features that provide the operator with a 3D overview of defects present in the pipeline, enhancing visualization and analysis.
  • Moreover, the tool is fully compatible with XYZ Inspection, utilizing state-of-the-art IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) technology for enhanced precision and reliability during inspections.

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